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Robbie Flynn and Larry Evans
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Mushrooms and Forest Policy

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A Letter from Larry Evan’s Part of our mission statement at the Western Montana Mycological Association is “to protect and preserve mushroom habitat,” and in this regard we have a long history of providing commentary for various proposed actions. A key issue for our community is the lack of language regarding fungi in policy documents and how to correct this glaring oversight. We will post updates and alerts about actions you can take to help. Dear Forest Planning Team, I hope this letter finds you well. I am writing to bring attention to an important aspect of forest management that…
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Morels of North America

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WMMA Member Britain Morin knows his mushrooms! He is a staple in mushroom identification groups online, and has helped countless people figure out what mushroom they’ve found through various online mushroom communities. He generously wrote this amazing guide to the Morels of North America, and kindly allowed us to share his work here. The seasonal morel season has begun. Everyone gets excited when the year round Morchella rufobrunnea gets posted, but as of February 19th, I’ve seen the first confirmed seasonal section Morchella from Georgia and section Distantes from California. So with the season taking off here’s almost everything you…
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Robbie Flynn and Larry Evans

Robbie Flynn Mycology Contest

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Robbie Flynn was a founding member of the WMMA. She was passionate about foraging for mushrooms and in awe of their creative potentialities. Robbie was the famous mushroom woman of the Atlantic Hotel, educating people about mushrooms and taking them out on forays long before the WMMA even existed. As a graphic and mixed media artist, she was drawn to the craft potential of mushrooms, especially how they could subvert the use of plastic. Feeling particularly inspired by one of our mushroom paper making workshops, she decided that she wanted to support larger community efforts to uncover hitherto unseen abilities and…
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